What are your sailing options?

Today there are several options for someone who would like to enjoy a sailing holiday. The “shark” or complete novice can both find a vacation to meet their needs. Singles, couples or a group of people can all enjoy the pleasures of sailing holidays, thanks to the wide variety of options on offer. The price can also vary considerably to suit all budgets and desired luxury levels.

I will try to analyze all the options for you and leave it to you to decide which of the holidays is best for you.


What is: Bareboating is a charter vacation in which you rent the whole boat for a certain period of time – usually one to three weeks – and you are fully responsible for the condition of your boat, until you return it to the charter company / owner. ride a boat (you must have the necessary skills to do so) or hire a member of your crew as a captain or even hire a professional captain. You will always need to leave a refundable security deposit with your company / owner to cover any damage to the yacht. Supplies, breakfasts, etc. never included in the price. The boat is “naked”

Most bare boats are 30 to 50 feet long and you can rent a conventional single hull yacht (mono hull), catamaran or powerboat. Floating yachts are far more popular and common than motor boats. Barebots are offered equipped with everything necessary for their work from kitchen utensils to towels, sheets and bed linen. Almost all unemployed boat companies provide you with a boat ride when the outboard can be free of charge or charged as “extra”.

Advantages: In a word, freedom. Sail wherever you want, at any time (within your sailing area and charter restrictions). Another advantage is your privacy, the luxury of being alone with your family or close friends.

Disadvantages: The nature of the bareboat requires yachts to be as simple as possible for “ease of use”, as well as to minimize the chances of a problem. So, forget the sleek electronic equipment – VHF, sounder and GPS – are the main tools you’ll find on all sailboat boats. I don’t mention speed logs because they don’t usually work. Also, the chances of something going wrong are quite high, so a good and effective owner / agent is a must.

Costs: The price per charter / week may vary due to the different sizes of the yacht, but per person the price is approximate. 50 euros per day (44 feet – 3000 euros per week – for 8 people will cost (per person) the same as 32 feet – at 1500 euros per week – for 4 people). You can reduce costs if you choose a budget boat, a one-way trip or sail out of season at the highest peak.

Other categories of bareboat boats

Leaking boots: Like an ordinary bareboat boat, but hire a captain. You “lose” your privacy, but you gain “luxury” because there is someone else to worry about at night if the anchor is held. Note that the need for a security deposit applies, because when you hire a captain to babble, it’s similar to hiring a driver for your rental car. You are still responsible for the operation of the yacht and the captain is treated as your employee. Skippers are also more expensive, and the captain’s fees (approximately 130 euros per day) are usually required to have a private cabin. This means that you will need a larger yacht than you would otherwise need.

Flotilla sailing: Although considered by many to be a different kind of yacht holiday, the flotilla sailing is a barebot, with the addition of a leading boat and crew. You still rent the whole boat and are fully responsible for the condition of your ship. You must also leave a refundable security deposit.

Usually flotilla boats are 27 to 36 feet and they sail in a group of 6 to 12 yachts. You enjoy confidentiality, but you lose your freedom (to some extent) because you have to follow a pre-planned program. You also get the comfort of a lead crew to guide you and help you when needed. This help and the large number of people in the flotilla group made this type of sailing holiday popular for families. As expected, it is more expensive (approximately 20%) than the regular boss …

CIRCLES ON THE SITE (cabin charters)

What is: A sailing cruise (you can find the term as cabin charter, charter boat or sport boat skipping) is the type of sailing vacation where you will book a berth (or cabin if you are a couple) on a yacht on a pre-planned trip. It is very similar to an ordinary cruise, only instead of a large cruise liner you sail a yacht. As there is always a crew on board, you are not responsible for the condition of the ship and it is not necessary to leave a security deposit.

Ships on sailing cruises are usually yachts from 45 to 55 feet, although in some countries you can find other types of vessels (in Turkey you will find “ravines”, which are motorcycles from 60 to 90 feet, when in the Netherlands they use traditional 30 meters boats). Sometimes breakfast is included when in others it is not. Note that although this holiday is similar to a cruise, in no case should you expect the luxury and amenities that a large cruise liner can offer you. It is always an “adventure holiday”.

Advantages: You can book a single bed, or as many as you want, and there is no need for sailing experience on your part. You can choose to be as active or passive as you want. Because these yachts are operated continuously by a professional crew, the chances of major damage are less than with a bareboat.

Disadvantages: You have no choice where to sail and which places to visit, as the trips are planned in advance. However, as the groups on board are small, the decision to extend the stay in a pleasant place or change the route is a common practice. Nor will you enjoy confidentiality, as you will probably have to share your cabin with someone you have just met.

Costs: The average price is approx. 100 euros a day, and although this may seem much more expensive than a barrel, this is not, as this price includes costs that are barren “extras” – on top of the basic price of the yacht. Captain’s fees, diesels and port taxes while sailing are just some of them.

Flotilla “floating” reservation: It has recently become common practice for flotilla operators to accept “passengers” – for a fee, of course – on their lead yachts in order to “reduce” their costs and generate additional revenue. There is nothing wrong with that, but you have a right to know when booking (and they need to make sure they inform you) what this means for you. For example, if a sudden storm occurs and all the yachts seek refuge, your boat will probably go “out to sea” to help one of the other boats in the fleet that is in trouble, or, on a perfect morning when all the others yachts will leave the port, you will probably have to stay there as one of the flotilla yachts had engine problems and the lead boat cannot leave the port until a mechanic arrives and the problem is solved. In my opinion, when you book your cruise on a leading flotilla, you have to pay a “heavily” reduced charter fee.

LUXURY BOATS (charter crews)

What it is: You can rent a motor boat “Gene Palace”, a motorcycle or a sailing yacht. Just like in a bareboat boat, you book the entire boat (including the crew) for as many days as you want. As the ship will have its own crew (usually 3 to 10 people), you are not responsible for the “well-being” of your ship, so there is no need to leave a security deposit. Unlike bareboats, where charters are usually based on a weekly turnover, these yachts are so expensive that you can book them for as many days as you want – even for just one day. The price list usually includes breakfast – sometimes half board – and diesel for certain hours of motor vehicles each day (usually 2 – 4 hours). Several additional costs are included in the hiring of the boat’s crew (from diesel to crew transfer). A good rule of thumb is to estimate 25% above the daily price of the price list.

Although a “crew charter” may look the same as a “missed barrel” on a ship of the same size, they are not

Advantages: You enjoy the freedom to sail wherever you want (of course time and time). Your boat will be fully equipped, offering facilities such as satellite communication or a plasma TV. For some people, the prestige of being on such a boat is also “accounted for”. The offered luxury can exceed your dreams. Helicopter, jacuzzi, speed (s) boat (s), jet ski, etc. They are just some of the inventory and equipment you will find on these boats.

Disadvantages: You do not enjoy the privacy of baseball, as there will always be a crew on board, but the truth is that in most cases this crew is fully trained professionals and they will make their presence feel only where-and “if” – it is necessary .

Costs: The charter of a luxury equipped boat is the most expensive way to enjoy sailing vacations. The price per person / day will start from 300 euros (for a 60-foot sailing yacht capable of carrying 6 guests), to infinity (some mega yachts exceed 300,000 dollars a day). If you are looking for something more expensive and prestigious, you should consider booking at NASA for a trip to the stratosphere 🙂