Your European Vacation – A Guide to Choosing European Vacation Packages

What are you looking for in a European vacation? The romance of a vacation in Paris, the buzz of a while in London, England or the relaxation and tranquility of an alpine valley? The truth is that with a European vacation package you can have all this and more.

Europe is a very diverse continent and the range of possible European holidays reflects this. In any European country, you can choose from the hustle and bustle of visiting the city or relaxing in the countryside. Transportation links are good and it is easy to jump from country to country by plane, train or road. This article aims to help you plan a European vacation that suits you.

European Vacation – Travel Tips for Cheap European Tours

If you want to travel to Europe on a low budget, the two key issues are time and flexibility. There are already many cheap European airlines that offer budget plane tickets for travel between European countries. Almost without exception, they offer excellent service and their prices are remarkably low. But you have to be flexible – both in your choice of destination and in your travel schedule.

European budget airlines often fly between less popular airports and can only operate one flight a day. This means that if you have missed a flight or if your flight has been canceled, then you may face a long wait rather outside the city or the provincial airport.

The Irish airline Ryanair can be used as an example. Their flight, charged as Glasgow to Paris, departs from a city called Prestwick, about forty miles from Glasgow, and arrives in Beauvais, a French city about sixty miles from Paris. Bus services are provided and the service is good, but you will need to add at least an hour for your journey from both ends. Getting wires late at night in Beauvais or Prestwick probably won’t be fun. You can find a list of cheap European airlines and some of their routes on the websites listed below.

If you prefer to travel to Europe on a planned European holiday package, then you will have other problems to deal with. Planned European holiday packages can sometimes be quite sterile and predictable. Some of them can almost have the effect of isolating you against something European! The idea of ​​grazing like cattle among a mass of hated travelers will probably not appeal to many of us.

Try to find a package that will allow you the benefits of organizing your trip and accommodation, but still leave time to branch out on your own if you want.

Travel Europe and enjoy. There is no right or wrong approach – just develop what is best for you and your lifestyle. You will find many choices in every European country. If you have never taken a European holiday, please think about it – the possibilities are almost limitless.


How to choose a quality luxury holiday resort

Going on a family vacation is a great occasion to spend some quality time together. If you are planning to leave with your family, be sure to choose fun family accommodation. A luxury holiday resort is a great option if you want to relax from the routine.

You should not book the first holiday resort you find. Compare all your options first to make sure you book the best resort for your budget. For example, you can do some research on the Internet to learn more about the different resorts in the area you are interested in. Start making plans for your vacation ahead of time so you can compare different resorts without being pressed by time.

You can learn a lot about the holiday resort by checking their official website. Most resorts have lots of pictures of the accommodations and activities they offer. You should also find a detailed description of all services offered, as well as prices. Some luxury resorts require people to call or order a brochure to get prices. Read all the materials available on the official websites of the resorts you are interested in before calling.

Try to find reviews for different holiday resorts. You can usually find reviews from other tourists on travel websites. You should not choose your resort only based on the reviews found, but you can easily avoid problems by not booking a resort that has a lot of negative reviews.

You need to call the customer service of the resorts that are interested. Ask some questions about prices and services or activities. If you go to a luxury resort, you need to be demanding in terms of customer service. Do not book a resort unless you have a good impression after talking to customer service representatives on the phone. If the people you talk to on the phone are not pleasant or helpful, you may not receive quality service during your stay at the resort.

Make sure you book a resort with activities for your whole family. You need to look at the brochures together and tell your family members to have a say in the resort you are going to. If you have young children, choose a place with a fun children’s center. Teenagers will enjoy having access to a variety of activities. Choose a resort located in a safe area so you don’t have to worry about your children leaving the resort. Try to find a resort where you will have access to activities that you can enjoy as a family, so you get a chance to spend some quality time together.

Going to a luxury holiday resort is a great way to relax from the routine and relax. You need to learn more about the different resorts in the area that interests you. Take the time to compare prices and activities to find the perfect resort for your vacation.


Affordable Travel Packages: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vacation Package for Your Upcoming Trip

Finding and choosing the right vacation package has never been easier. There are so many tools on the Internet to help you find hotel deals with discounts, cheap plane tickets and more. Whether you are looking for last minute deals or an all-inclusive vacation, all you have to do is browse the available travel packages and compare all the offers. Which is perfect for your travel needs?

When evaluating a package, one of the important things to consider is accommodation. There are so many types of accommodation, including budget hotels, chain hotels, hostels, cabins, inns, large resorts, serviced apartments and suites and more. If you plan to spend most of your trip outside and have access to reliable transport, such as car rental or bus, it is a good idea to stay in a cheap hotel with basic amenities.

Do you really need an all-inclusive package? Is the “inclusions” even worth paying for? It all depends on what you really want from a vacation. For most people, a plane ticket, a clean room, free breakfast and free Wi-Fi are enough. Before choosing a package with inclusion included, ask yourself if you can do without some of the things that come with it.

Another important consideration is the location. There may be hotels in the city. Do not think that just because you get a room at a low price, you will save money. Depending on its location, you can pay more per car rental, bus or taxi. You may not even need to rent a car if your hotel is within walking distance of any places you plan to visit. At the very least, there should be a supermarket within walking distance so you can pick up a few things.

Watch out for affordable travel packages with scams

Always know EXACTLY what you are booking and paying for. Don’t be fooled by the so-called “affordable travel packages”, which have hidden fees. Not that everyone does it – some are really good deals. You still have to be careful. It also helps to read the terms and conditions to understand the cancellation process. Some packages will charge you money if you have a change in plans and need to cancel. You may even come across some offers without a refund.

Use Google Maps or some other type of interactive street map to better understand where a hotel is located in relation to restaurants, shops, bus stations, airport, train stations, beach and more. Having an idea of ​​where everything is will make sorting easier through affordable travel packages.

Where can you find the most affordable travel packages? There are some amazing offers on online websites. Whether you’re going on a cruise, flying to a big city, staying at a ski resort, etc., just use online discount codes to get a good deal.


The benefits of holiday homes for Disney and other theme parks

Whether you’re traveling to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you may be wondering where to stay. The choice of accommodation for these popular theme parks can include hotels, timeshares, vacations and more. If you want to save money and see everything that the parks have to offer in every place, holiday homes are a practical economical choice. Here are some of the best reasons why and how you can experience the magic of Disney in a whole new way for your family on a holiday home exchange.

Save significantly during your stay.

At first glance, the hotel price when booking may seem cheap, but you will soon have to add fees, parking fees and additional costs. Dining courts are available at all Disney hotels, but these costs may be slightly higher than a trip to the local dining room or breakfast food store. You can stay at a Disney vacation home for a fixed price for a week or even longer.

Experience the comforts of home.

If you want to relax on your holiday, Disney Holiday Home allows you to do it with all the comforts of home. If you rent a home with a pool, you will not have to share it with hundreds of other people and you can enjoy hot tubs and other amenities in the same way. Remember that holiday homes are also available with an equipped kitchen, bed linen, WiFi and other amenities of the home that will make your vacation enjoyable. You will be able to store food and other items more easily than in a hotel, plus wash your clothes for free.

Stay comfortable even with a large group.

For groups of four or more, a Disney vacation home is perfect because most can sleep from 6 to eight people and have several beds. You will also find that you will not feel as crowded as you would if you were staying at a Disney hotel, as many do not offer family apartments. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

Be close to the magic for minutes

Disney invites its hotels like minutes from the parks, but many holiday homes are also minutes from the Disney property. If you stay at a Disney property, you receive a free bus service, however, you have to wait for the bus to arrive and then it can stop at other Disney hotels on the way for pickup and descent. This means that you often wait to go to the parks and may arrive an hour after you intended. With a vacation home near the Disney property, you can simply drive straight to the resort without waiting for others to catch a bus. Holiday homes are also a good option if you want to visit the Magic World of Harry Potter, Legoland or Universal Studios, because Disney does not offer direct transport to these attractions.

The best holiday homes at Disney Theme Park are minutes from the gates of the attractions. You will also find that staying at one of these properties is just like staying at a hotel in terms of comfort and many will come with swimming pools and hot tubs. Consider this method as you plan your magical journey.


Luxury vacation rentals for The Ultimate Holiday

Holidays have different meanings for different people. Some people see vacation as an opportunity to change their environment or even as a change of weather. But for some select few, a vacation is a chance that will allow them to relax and just relax to enjoy the pleasures of many years of hard work. That is why they love to take care of all the luxuries for themselves during their vacation, and luxury vacation rentals allow you to do just that.

These extravagant luxury vacation rentals are sumptuous and luxurious homes, apartments, chalets, inns or villas that have all the basic amenities but are also lined with luxury items with high extravagance. For example, you can find an extravagant property in front of the beach, which contains all the indispensable luxury and more. Several such examples of these luxuries include gourmet cuisine, sauna, gym, spa, party room, home theater, swimming pool, scattered gardens and this is just the beginning. Some luxury holiday rentals offer additional 24-hour services for gates, catering, grocery deliveries and laundry. These gorgeous getaways provide an extravagant environment to indulge in the best amenities. Some luxury rental locations even give you access to some of the best clubs in and around the area you are going to.

Unlike hotel rooms with limited space, these extravagant holiday rentals offer you a luxurious space both indoors and outdoors, without compromising on security. In fact, some of these extravagant properties are in the most chic places and have eight rooms or even more, keep in mind that these rooms are very spacious. Such rental properties make the most ideal escape for those people who are looking for space and all the luxury furnishings. In addition, these rentals provide all your guests with privacy, which is very important because you are there with the people who are closest to you and would like to enjoy them without the world bothering you.

The best luxury vacation rentals are located in the best vacation spots and in the most chic places around the world. This is mainly due to the fact that these areas are most often visited by people looking for extravagant accommodation.

The best way to find luxury vacation rentals is to go to a website that offers luxury vacation homes. All you have to do is fill in the destination and some other insignificant details such as the number of rooms you are looking for, amenities, amenities and amenities. Once you have filled in this information, you just need to click on the search button and it will display a detailed list of all the different properties that match your query. The result will also show the tariff and the various other amenities and amenities they offer. But be prepared to pay an extra extra, as these luxury getaways are exceptional and therefore run high compared to regular holiday rentals. But they cost much less than other luxury resorts or hotels. The final price will depend entirely on all the amenities and services you desire. All additional services will be offered additionally. If you accidentally book for a long period of time, like a whole month or maybe even during the off-season, you can expect a discount.


Find the best vacation home rental to make your trip affordable

Accommodation costs eat up a large part of your holiday budget. Wouldn’t you like to find a place to stay that doesn’t strain your wallet as much as staying in a hotel and at the same time offers the same amount of comfort and luxury? Holiday homes for rent are the ideal option if you want to have a pleasant as well as easily accessible holiday tour.

Their price is significantly less than hotel rooms, even they give you much more space and freedom to do your thing. They are a particularly desirable option when you are vacationing with your family or a group of friends. With this kind of home, you feel as if you have brought your home with you; children do not feel limited and have a place to play around and you can even cook your own food, which helps save on expensive meals in the restaurant.

If you are planning a vacation, you need to plan it well to make sure you book the best value holiday home. Here are some guidelines in this regard:

  • The golden rule for planning anything is to start work on time so you don’t have to make hasty decisions. This is even more important when planning a vacation. You will not want to see that the homes you prefer are already booked. So, get online, go to the business directory and start looking for the available vacation rental options in the destination you plan to visit.
  • Do extensive research and comparisons before settling on a particular vacation home.
  • To get the best deals, it is important to design your vacation exactly. If you visit a place during the off-season, you will be able to take advantage of attractive discounts. You are also likely to get better prices on weekdays than on weekends.
  • Be clear about all the details before making a payment. Confirm the exact conditions of accommodation, the number of beds, bathrooms and other facilities available. Make sure that the appliances offered in the holiday home are in good condition. Make sure there is enough space to accommodate your travel group, and if you are bringing your pet, make sure the place is comfortable for pets.
  • Make sure the holiday home is within easy reach of popular tourist destinations on site.
  • Request discounts for extended stays, as well as the offered refund if you leave ahead of schedule.
  • Read every detail of the contract carefully before signing it.

When you are aware of the things to keep in mind, you can easily find the most comfortable and affordable vacation home rental.


Ski Vacation Tips: Go green to prevent them from melting

Are you planning a ski vacation this year? Why not consider skiing green this time. As the Earth gets hotter than usual due to global warming, ski resorts are mostly affected by this change. They are currently considering ways to help alleviate the problem.

The good news is that you can do something to help reduce this problem. There are different ways you can do this. You may think that your individual efforts are not enough to make a change, but they do! So, here are some environmental tips you can do to preserve the environment.

Drive smart for a greener trip

Instead of flying to other places for your ski trip, travel to the ski resorts closer to home. The good thing about this is that you can pack other things like a cooler and enjoy your own food, drinks and snacks.

In addition, if your friends and colleagues share the same interest as you, you can travel with them. But if you insist on flying to other destinations, you can also ask if the resort offers transport to and from the airport. This will allow you to save on gas instead of renting a car.

Choose greener ski resorts

Resorts are now more aware of the impact of climate change and now tend to pursue a greener environment. To make a greener choice, you can ask questions before making a reservation. You can ask them questions such as:

What do they recycle?

Do they have a water conservation program?

Are their cleaning products environmentally friendly?

Do their machines that help clear the aisles use biofuel?

Do they use wind energy for energy purposes?

Do they offer transfers to and from the airport?

This will help them realize that their efforts to be an eco-resort really matter. Also, compliment them on their efforts and encourage them to continue to maintain environmentally friendly facilities.

Ski-running? Why not!

You can also go cross-country skiing this year. This can be done in many “local” places depending on the snowfall in your area. The good thing is that cross-country skiing burns more calories than resources compared to downhill skiing.

Respect the environment

Every time tourists flock to ski resorts, the environment suffers from the irresponsibility of the people. So be responsible with your trash every time you visit a ski resort. Do not throw rubbish everywhere. Use biodegradable products and reduce the use of plastic bags. Follow proper segregation and recycle as much as possible.

With these simple tips you will not only enjoy your ski vacation, but you will also be able to help the planet from further devastation. So think about green, plant greenery and support a greener ski vacation. Let us continue to take care of this planet, which we call home.


What you need to know about vacation rentals before you go

This time of year is finally here. You know what I’m talking about, one or two weeks you get every year to get away from “real life” and just be you. Relax, eat and drink well, enjoy your family, catch up on someone’s much-needed sleep. But before you go home and leave, completely rethink your normal stay at the hotel. Believe it or not, you have options, one of which is vacation rental.

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave your own home, arrive in your destination city, and settle in a “home away from home” for your next vacation? This is what holiday rentals are for. These are homes that are waiting to be rented out by people on vacation. Each holiday rental owner will have different criteria in what type of tenant they are looking for, each holiday home rental will differ in amenities and each price will depend on the time of year and length of stay. So, sounds like a great idea, but how do you know how to do it all? It is not a problem. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about vacation rentals. Read on, buddy, your next home vacation rental is just around the corner.

Frequently asked questions about vacation rentals

What are the benefits of vacation rental?

Do you ever want your hotel room to have just a little more personality? Yes, I thought so. Well, renting someone else’s home for your vacation may be just what you’re looking for. Usually offering larger living space than hotel rooms, these vacation rentals are about living the way you were in your own home. They offer more privacy than hotel rooms and most rentals have a kitchen cooking area, which will ultimately save you money if you prepare some of your own meals.

You will enjoy several rooms and maybe even different levels, instead of one large room where the whole family sleeps. Many homeowners will leave information about things to do and see in the local area. Holiday homes are clean, friendly, comfortable and attractive. This is because many of them are not only rental homes, but also function as their own residence for part of the year.

Most vacation rentals are usually cheaper on an overnight basis than their hotel counterpart. By renting directly from the owner, you will avoid taxes, advice and other external fees. However, there is a big difference between costs based on a number of factors (see How much should I expect to pay below)

What are the disadvantages of vacation rentals?

Of course, there is always the other side of the coin. Since vacation rentals are not usually monitored by a central management company, you will only know what you are getting into when you actually get to your rental. Many homeowners require a down payment or at least a large deposit fee before they arrive. Therefore, if things are not as you planned after arrival, or if you find your home unacceptable and decide to head to a local hotel, you may lose all prepaid money. This also applies to last minute cancellations. It usually does not recover. You always risk getting less than expected, but this is rare.

Most times, vacation rentals are usually cheaper than the average hotel room per night. But not always, so make sure you are comfortable with the price you will be asked to pay.

Another disadvantage of vacation rentals is the lack of a managing member on site to deal with any problems you may encounter at home or during your stay. Most homeowners go around this with a list of emergency numbers, utilities and other similar items available to the tenant if they need anything.

What amenities are included in the holiday rental?

Since each rental is owned by a different owner, each will include different amenities. Some come with swimming pools, hot tubs, others with golf packages and stable horse privileges. In cities with tourist attractions, some owners include tickets for local attractions.

Most vacation rentals come with the essentials: a TV, equipped kitchen, towels, bed linen and everyday appliances, but it never hurts to ask these questions when looking for the perfect place. Remember to find out exactly what you are paying for before sending the payment.

What types of rentals are available?

Almost every type of home you would like to live in during your vacation is somewhere. From studios in central Manhattan to a villa in the south of Spain, you can find what you are looking for. The range of options available is mind-boggling. In addition, every week, month and year there are new opportunities, as owners place their homes only for certain weeks or months of the year, the choice is constantly changing.

Are vacation rentals available in the United States only?

Vacation rentals are available worldwide. They can be found in every state in the United States and in almost every country in the world. Don’t be fooled by their different names, though. Holiday rentals are also known as holiday villas, tourist rentals and holiday rentals. If you are looking for one in Europe, the Italians call them agriturismi, while the French say gites. If you are in Germany, you will look for ferienwohnungen (yes, try to say that three times fast with a brawurst in your mouth!)

No matter what you call it, however, vacation rentals are a great option for those who are preparing to spend a few weeks in reality and enjoy a little of the good life.

How to find a property?

There are several ways to find the perfect vacation rental for your next trip. Consult your local travel agent to find someone in your area who specializes in finding and collecting landlords and tenants. Another option is the yellow pages. Finally, there is a wealth of information on the Internet. Enter a search for “vacation rentals” and over 13,300,000 websites can only be found at Some websites only list vacation rentals in the United States, while others specialize in vacation rentals around the world. There are some sites that will allow a potential tenant to search for a home according to specific search criteria, such as a specific destination, a certain number of bedrooms and the types of amenities that are included in the property.

Most of the online holiday rental services are only a “classic” or “classified” section of the newspaper. They are not responsible for the veracity or correctness of the advertisements listed on their sites. So, do your homework by making phone calls, talking to the owner and asking specific questions. Make sure you feel comfortable with the answers, if not, move on to the next rental, there are many.

If you do not like everything tenant / owner, there is another way to rent a vacation home. There are some companies that strictly buy and rent homes to vacationers. They offer a little more security so you feel like you’re really getting what you’re bargaining for (although nothing is ever 100% stupid proof). In addition, sometimes these agencies will give you cancellation insurance. In other words, if you cancel before you arrive, they may be able to refund part of your deposit or payment instead of keeping it, as most owners do if canceled. With some agencies you will find that you pay a higher price than going directly to the owner. Here’s how agencies make money. There are always pros and cons to any scenario. Make sure you know which one works best for you.

How much should I expect to pay?

This is a difficult question to answer. The amount you pay will depend on the country or country you are visiting, the number of days you have stayed and the type of house you are renting. Some owners offer package deals, including tickets or sightseeing events along with the rental, others include bonus days if you stay for a certain period of time. There are other owners who can offer a free or extra house cleaning service with your stay, while some go to great lengths to ensure you have everything you need, even extra items such as cribs, prams or wheelchairs. Each vacation rental will be completely different from the next. Your best bet after deciding on your destination is to review several rentals to determine which one is best for your needs and overall budget.

Are there any hidden fees?

Hidden charges usually appear only after you arrive. These may include an additional phone call, house cleaning service, additional person fees, redundant heat and air conditioning bills, a pet deposit, computer access … etc. Again, be extremely thorough when interviewing the owner of your future vacation rental. Ask for any “extra” fees or if the house is “all inclusive”. Do you have free access to all closets and groceries? How about laundry supplies? All utilities? It never hurts to ask!

Holiday rentals

In summary, cover all the basics by asking lots of questions. Getting your agreement in writing is also a very smart idea. Once these basics are out of the way, you will be ready to go out for your vacation home rental. Try it this year and see for yourself that vacation rentals can be a fantastic way to really enjoy your next vacation.


What are your sailing options?

Today there are several options for someone who would like to enjoy a sailing holiday. The “shark” or complete novice can both find a vacation to meet their needs. Singles, couples or a group of people can all enjoy the pleasures of sailing holidays, thanks to the wide variety of options on offer. The price can also vary considerably to suit all budgets and desired luxury levels.

I will try to analyze all the options for you and leave it to you to decide which of the holidays is best for you.


What is: Bareboating is a charter vacation in which you rent the whole boat for a certain period of time – usually one to three weeks – and you are fully responsible for the condition of your boat, until you return it to the charter company / owner. ride a boat (you must have the necessary skills to do so) or hire a member of your crew as a captain or even hire a professional captain. You will always need to leave a refundable security deposit with your company / owner to cover any damage to the yacht. Supplies, breakfasts, etc. never included in the price. The boat is “naked”

Most bare boats are 30 to 50 feet long and you can rent a conventional single hull yacht (mono hull), catamaran or powerboat. Floating yachts are far more popular and common than motor boats. Barebots are offered equipped with everything necessary for their work from kitchen utensils to towels, sheets and bed linen. Almost all unemployed boat companies provide you with a boat ride when the outboard can be free of charge or charged as “extra”.

Advantages: In a word, freedom. Sail wherever you want, at any time (within your sailing area and charter restrictions). Another advantage is your privacy, the luxury of being alone with your family or close friends.

Disadvantages: The nature of the bareboat requires yachts to be as simple as possible for “ease of use”, as well as to minimize the chances of a problem. So, forget the sleek electronic equipment – VHF, sounder and GPS – are the main tools you’ll find on all sailboat boats. I don’t mention speed logs because they don’t usually work. Also, the chances of something going wrong are quite high, so a good and effective owner / agent is a must.

Costs: The price per charter / week may vary due to the different sizes of the yacht, but per person the price is approximate. 50 euros per day (44 feet – 3000 euros per week – for 8 people will cost (per person) the same as 32 feet – at 1500 euros per week – for 4 people). You can reduce costs if you choose a budget boat, a one-way trip or sail out of season at the highest peak.

Other categories of bareboat boats

Leaking boots: Like an ordinary bareboat boat, but hire a captain. You “lose” your privacy, but you gain “luxury” because there is someone else to worry about at night if the anchor is held. Note that the need for a security deposit applies, because when you hire a captain to babble, it’s similar to hiring a driver for your rental car. You are still responsible for the operation of the yacht and the captain is treated as your employee. Skippers are also more expensive, and the captain’s fees (approximately 130 euros per day) are usually required to have a private cabin. This means that you will need a larger yacht than you would otherwise need.

Flotilla sailing: Although considered by many to be a different kind of yacht holiday, the flotilla sailing is a barebot, with the addition of a leading boat and crew. You still rent the whole boat and are fully responsible for the condition of your ship. You must also leave a refundable security deposit.

Usually flotilla boats are 27 to 36 feet and they sail in a group of 6 to 12 yachts. You enjoy confidentiality, but you lose your freedom (to some extent) because you have to follow a pre-planned program. You also get the comfort of a lead crew to guide you and help you when needed. This help and the large number of people in the flotilla group made this type of sailing holiday popular for families. As expected, it is more expensive (approximately 20%) than the regular boss …

CIRCLES ON THE SITE (cabin charters)

What is: A sailing cruise (you can find the term as cabin charter, charter boat or sport boat skipping) is the type of sailing vacation where you will book a berth (or cabin if you are a couple) on a yacht on a pre-planned trip. It is very similar to an ordinary cruise, only instead of a large cruise liner you sail a yacht. As there is always a crew on board, you are not responsible for the condition of the ship and it is not necessary to leave a security deposit.

Ships on sailing cruises are usually yachts from 45 to 55 feet, although in some countries you can find other types of vessels (in Turkey you will find “ravines”, which are motorcycles from 60 to 90 feet, when in the Netherlands they use traditional 30 meters boats). Sometimes breakfast is included when in others it is not. Note that although this holiday is similar to a cruise, in no case should you expect the luxury and amenities that a large cruise liner can offer you. It is always an “adventure holiday”.

Advantages: You can book a single bed, or as many as you want, and there is no need for sailing experience on your part. You can choose to be as active or passive as you want. Because these yachts are operated continuously by a professional crew, the chances of major damage are less than with a bareboat.

Disadvantages: You have no choice where to sail and which places to visit, as the trips are planned in advance. However, as the groups on board are small, the decision to extend the stay in a pleasant place or change the route is a common practice. Nor will you enjoy confidentiality, as you will probably have to share your cabin with someone you have just met.

Costs: The average price is approx. 100 euros a day, and although this may seem much more expensive than a barrel, this is not, as this price includes costs that are barren “extras” – on top of the basic price of the yacht. Captain’s fees, diesels and port taxes while sailing are just some of them.

Flotilla “floating” reservation: It has recently become common practice for flotilla operators to accept “passengers” – for a fee, of course – on their lead yachts in order to “reduce” their costs and generate additional revenue. There is nothing wrong with that, but you have a right to know when booking (and they need to make sure they inform you) what this means for you. For example, if a sudden storm occurs and all the yachts seek refuge, your boat will probably go “out to sea” to help one of the other boats in the fleet that is in trouble, or, on a perfect morning when all the others yachts will leave the port, you will probably have to stay there as one of the flotilla yachts had engine problems and the lead boat cannot leave the port until a mechanic arrives and the problem is solved. In my opinion, when you book your cruise on a leading flotilla, you have to pay a “heavily” reduced charter fee.

LUXURY BOATS (charter crews)

What it is: You can rent a motor boat “Gene Palace”, a motorcycle or a sailing yacht. Just like in a bareboat boat, you book the entire boat (including the crew) for as many days as you want. As the ship will have its own crew (usually 3 to 10 people), you are not responsible for the “well-being” of your ship, so there is no need to leave a security deposit. Unlike bareboats, where charters are usually based on a weekly turnover, these yachts are so expensive that you can book them for as many days as you want – even for just one day. The price list usually includes breakfast – sometimes half board – and diesel for certain hours of motor vehicles each day (usually 2 – 4 hours). Several additional costs are included in the hiring of the boat’s crew (from diesel to crew transfer). A good rule of thumb is to estimate 25% above the daily price of the price list.

Although a “crew charter” may look the same as a “missed barrel” on a ship of the same size, they are not

Advantages: You enjoy the freedom to sail wherever you want (of course time and time). Your boat will be fully equipped, offering facilities such as satellite communication or a plasma TV. For some people, the prestige of being on such a boat is also “accounted for”. The offered luxury can exceed your dreams. Helicopter, jacuzzi, speed (s) boat (s), jet ski, etc. They are just some of the inventory and equipment you will find on these boats.

Disadvantages: You do not enjoy the privacy of baseball, as there will always be a crew on board, but the truth is that in most cases this crew is fully trained professionals and they will make their presence feel only where-and “if” – it is necessary .

Costs: The charter of a luxury equipped boat is the most expensive way to enjoy sailing vacations. The price per person / day will start from 300 euros (for a 60-foot sailing yacht capable of carrying 6 guests), to infinity (some mega yachts exceed 300,000 dollars a day). If you are looking for something more expensive and prestigious, you should consider booking at NASA for a trip to the stratosphere 🙂


Finding the right vacation rental is easy if you do it first

Choosing between vacation rentals may seem like a difficult decision, but when you consider how popular these accommodation alternatives have become in the last few years, you will find that you have a fairly large market to choose from. Everyone wants your business, which means you have a lot of power as a consumer.

Although vacation rentals are seen as the “new kid” in the tourism industry, they are demanding their next big thing long enough to get everyone’s attention. The main problem you face is due to the lack of knowledge about vacation rentals. Sounds like it could be something that revolutionizes the way you and your loved ones travel, but you also don’t want to make a bad call.

You may be surprised to know that finding the right vacation rental is easy if you do it first – plan ahead. Yes, it’s that simple. Just plan ahead. As with most things in life, taking the initiative to think about your vacation in advance to plan for any unforeseen problems that may arise is the easiest way to help you find the right vacation rental. What’s more, it means you have to do a little research and search for a soul.

But what does “planning ahead” really mean? This means coming up with an exhaustive list of “necessary” amenities that no traveler can live without. However, this can be a bit complicated. Most people would look at the word “convenience” and think it means something extra, while others may interpret it the exact opposite. In either case, you want to make sure the whole family is on the same page.

Once you come up with a list of amenities, it’s time to use your old friend’s internet. Although this is a tool that can be misused, it is one of those cases where access to the World Wide Web is crucial. Take a look at the holiday rental websites. Is there anything distinctive in what they offer that is unique? If you can, check to see if you can see the floor plans available. Look elsewhere for online reviews and see what others think of a place.

The final stages of advance planning deal with the vacation budget. Holidays are supposed to be carefree, so the last thing you want to think about is how much money you have to spend on your trip. Unfortunately, budget defaults can be disastrous. Look for vacation rentals that offer many, if not all, of the amenities you want at a price that works for you. Also, you need to think about how you will get around when you get to your destination. If your rental is in the middle of the action, you can handle most things on foot. Otherwise, you will have to consider renting a car or having a public transport budget.

Holiday rentals can make your vacation from quite enjoyable to ridiculously great quite quickly, but you have to do your part. With a little planning and a little research, the next vacation can be a serious upgrade!