How to Go on a Walt Disney World Vacation on a Budget

Entrance to Walt Disney Park, hotel and food costs can become very expensive very quickly! In an attempt to attract families, there are now many Disney World vacation packages, but on closer inspection, these Disney World package packages are not always many.

That’s why I looked for an expert to help you identify how to take your family to Walt Disney World without breaking your vacation budget. Kelly Good, author of “A Guide to Miserable Things for Mom: Orlando, Disney, and Universal for $ 25 a Day!”, Generously offered to share some of her tips when planning a Walt Disney family vacation.


Your guide to planning a family vacation in Orlando for $ 25 a day is such an intriguing concept! How did this idea come to you and how long did it take you to write the book?


After being a travel agent in Florida for more than 15 years and an avid fan of Disney World, I long felt the need for a comprehensive, realistic family guide to save money when visiting Orlando and Disney World. I learned that people dream and plan these vacations for years to come, and it broke my heart to hear and see how people struggle to afford vacations when there are actually cheaper ways to enjoy their Disney vacation. It took about a year to write the book, but it’s an ongoing project due to the constant changes in Orlando and the theme parks.


When you say you can go to the world of Walt Disney for $ 25 a day, is it per person or is it based on a family of four, two adults and two children?


Families can visit Walt Disney World for $ 25 a day – and it’s real. $ 25 is a fare per person and is based on actual hotel choices, car rental choices and discount tickets. In fact, I have a chart in my book that shows exactly how families can achieve this goal. All families can, of course, not spend just $ 25 a day because they may want a different choice of hotel, a different theme park, or different choices for restaurants that increase their vacation budget. However, my book allows families to see how they can achieve this vacation with this basic budget and move up if they wish.


How often is the e-book with information updated? I know that when I seriously consider purchasing such a guide, I worry that the information is dated.


As I mentioned, the book is an ongoing project because it needs to be constantly updated to give people the new information they need about hotels, attractions and prices. I update it constantly and I also have a blog that I update daily with updates that apply to Disney, Universal, Sea World, Orlando and save money on their vacations.


What are the 5 most expensive mistakes families make when they go on vacation to Walt Disney?


Well, every family is different, so I don’t like to label them “mistakes”, but if you force me, I have to say that these are the most common ways for families to give up their savings:

1. They travel at peak times, unlike taking children out of school for a day or two. The season of value reduces prices tremendously.

2. Families believe that the only way to see Disney is to stay at a Disney resort and quite often they are the most expensive accommodation.

3. Discounted plane tickets are not secured because people are not comfortable buying discount tickets online – and are not sales-minded. (My book helps a lot with this)

4. Families do not take advantage of discounts at the theme park, whether it means going through a special operator, buying tickets online or just taking an extra step or two to find discounts.

5. Parents don’t know about the restaurant and the food savings they can get from different places in Orlando. Hundreds of holiday dollars can be saved with coupons, childless dining and special planning.

Again – my book helps in all these areas!


A vacation at Walt Disney can easily cost thousands of dollars a week if the family has not planned a suitable budget. How far in advance do you recommend families plan their vacation at Walt Disney to ensure that they are effectively squeezing every dollar?


Planning is very important because everything from dates, to plane tickets, to car rentals, hotel accommodation and theme park tickets, come in to play. I believe that a family should start around 9 months, but continue to be flexible when looking for the best savings on vacation dates.


What impresses me most about Kelly Walt Disney’s vacation guide is that it doesn’t accept any payments from the companies it recommends. This really adds credibility to the guide as well as offers a 100% guarantee. Being creative with your vacation budget can often be part of the vacation experience! The more you plan ahead, the more likely you are to be able to keep your budget while creating memories for your family.


Accommodation in a holiday cabin

Did you know that staying in a vacation cabin rental is a much better deal than staying in a hotel room?


Well, it’s pretty simple, you basically get a house to stay in instead of a room with four walls.

In addition, you can enjoy privacy, you can cook, you get a full size refrigerator, you can also get many amenities that just don’t come with a hotel room, such as a jacuzzi and a games room.

If it’s just you and your wife, you can get a one-bedroom vacation rental for about the same price as a hotel room.

If you want to bring your family together, you may want to get two or up to five bedrooms. Large cabins like these are much more economical than renting several hotel rooms.

You can also save money by buying and cooking most of your food, instead of going out for almost every meal.

Plus, you can eat together as a family or hang out in your cabin and watch a movie on TV or play various games such as pool, football, video games or other games that may be available with your cabin.

And with lots of holiday cabin rentals, you can just walk out the door and be in your own little sanctuary in the woods. What could be better than that?

This whole room!

One of the cabins where my wife and I recently stayed is a good example of the amenities that come with the cabin. The living room and kitchen are much larger than a hotel room. This one-bedroom cabin is rented for just over $ 100 a night. Try to find a hotel apartment for this price!

Room with a view …

Vacation cabin rental also offers nature. You can be deep in the forest or see a mountain view, whatever you choose. Many times in a hotel you will have a view overlooking the back of the hotel restaurant, that’s nice. No Thanks, I will take the mountain view every day.

Many of the best places to rent a vacation cabin are near the Fig Mountains in Tennessee or North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Colorado, and the Lake Tahoe area of ​​California.

These are some of the most beautiful places in the country with many leisure activities waiting for you to enjoy, such as hiking, tubing, white water rafting, rock climbing, swimming or just sitting on the porch of your holiday cabin for rent and rent. great outdoors.

So why not spend your next vacation renting a vacation cabin instead of a cramped hotel room? I know you will like it!


Vacation in Michigan

Michigan can make a great vacation destination if you get away from it all. It includes miles and miles of beaches, sand dunes, lush green forests and of course … The Great Lakes. There are four regions of Michigan that are Upper Peninsula, Northern Michigan, Middle Michigan and Downsstadt.

Michigan in the summer can be quite exciting with activities such as canoeing on protected rivers through lush forests, motor boats or sailing on its numerous lakes or flying fishing on a scenic stream. In total, there are about 12,000 lakes in the state, including Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and a small amount of Lake Erie.

In winter, the water gives way to ice for great ice fishing and miles of cross-country skiing in both the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula. If you get there early enough (more towards the autumn months), you may be able to pick up some beautiful aspects that change the color of the greenery.

There is a lot to see in Michigan depending on where your vacation home is located. The most recognizable landmarks in the country are of course the Great Lakes. Then there are Pickled Rocks, Senei National Wildlife Refuge, Plaka Wildlife, Tahkamenon Falls State Park, Royal Island State Park and many more.

If you’re looking for a “city vacation” in Michigan, there’s Detroit, the largest city, and Lansing, the state capital. In these larger cities you will find more things similar to the city, with their many historical landmarks, exquisite dining and cultural experiences.


Vacation Rentals – What Option Is Right For Your Vacation?

Vacation rentals and generally the idea of ​​renting a suitable home for your vacation is some new way to see the holidays you are taking from the real world. At one point, someone seems to be wondering why it is that we tend to put up with accommodation that is mass-produced and somewhat sterile when we can make “our home away from home” actually feel like “home away from home.” from home”.

It makes sense when you stop and think. We look forward to our vacation all year round because we know how much work we put into our jobs. Every day outside, we work to the bone to gain any time we can go out, and somehow we decided that such a good time to recharge is necessary to spend in many “non-mojo” neighborhoods. Finally, someone decided to offer more luxurious offers that have more home comforts. Yet others decided that perhaps their own home could be used for many home accommodations. Other options began to appear, and before you knew it, vacation rental properties were revolutionizing the travel industry.

But what type of vacation rental option is right for you? After all, with so many options, how exactly do you find what works best for you and (probably) your family? Well, to be completely honest, it’s not difficult at all. Really. You will be surprised how easy it is to find the right rental for your needs.

First, sit down with your family and find out what you all want in your vacation rental. After all, if your family’s needs are to be met, everyone’s contribution must be taken into account. Talk about the difference between desires and needs and use it as a great teaching tool to make your children think critically about compromises. You know you can’t get everything you want, but it’s nice to see what page everyone is on as you embark on this cool journey.

Then find out where you are going to rest. Maybe these first two elements can be switched, but in the end you are still on the right track. You can’t know what you really want to hire unless you know where you will be and what you will eventually do.

First of all, you need to consider the time you have spent. If you have a chic concert where you can take up to a month off from work for a vacation, you have many options. However, for most people who have from a few days to about two weeks, planning is where it is, and you need to plan carefully. Say you did all the right things and took the right steps and found the right vacation rental for you. How long will the trip to this place take? How will you travel from your rental to other areas nearby? How many trips do you have to walk? The car? Taxi? Flying? It’s always the little things that sneak up on you.

Don’t let the many vacation rental options take you down; let them work for you.


Holiday scams – how to spot them

Your mother was right again. In fact, she was right twice. One, nothing in life is free, and two, if it sounds too good to be true, probably is.

One of the biggest and longest scams to date is the Holiday Scam, where you or a loved one is told they have won a free vacation package or a glamorous cruise trip. If they are not completely “free”, these “agents” say they can take you to the dream tour for the lowest price. At this point, you, like many other law-abiding citizens, begin to think “what could possibly go wrong?” A lot, obviously.

Let’s start with the obvious: you will not get a free vacation. Of course, there are rare packages from reputable travel agencies that may be free, but they are wrong with caution. The most common travel and vacation scams include the following:

Fraud for the suspicious travel agency – You call and are told that you receive a free vacation package, but you have to pay a “fee” to book this opportunity. Then, after paying these fees, the “travel agency” can no longer be found. Their phone line is down and there is no way to get your money back. Another variant of this scam tells you that you were booked on a luxury vacation trip very sharply, but this is only for a “limited time”. You will then be asked to pay a “booking fee” immediately (which is usually a large amount) to secure your slot. Only after the payment does the “travel agent” tell you that your vacation dates are not available or after a while will tell you that the offer has already “expired”. Then the “Agent” also disappears, along with your money.

Airline tickets for free – Here, they call you and say you’ve won two plane tickets to great places like the Bahamas. What they don’t say is that you have to book your hotel and buy food from the ticket company. If you stop and do the math before accepting this “free ticket” offer, you can easily calculate that the amount of food and accommodation easily covers the cost of a plane ticket because the prices were so high.

“Free vacation” – you fly all the way to Hawaii or Mexico, ready to start your vacation, but find out that you are booked in a small and dirty hostel with bad food. If you leave, they say you have canceled your return ticket. So you can stay in your bad hotel or pay a terribly high fee to get out of it so you can sleep in a decent hotel.

Time-sharing scam – you get a free vacation, but before you can enjoy it, you have to go through a presentation from a temporary seller. Sometimes you are not even told about the mandatory lecture for temporary use before you reach your destination. Often, in order to get tickets for food and accommodation, people are forced to attend long lectures and end up being forced to sign contracts that are also fraudulent. In some cases, when vacationers try to escape, they are harassed and other unscrupulous tactics by these sales agents.

Become a Travel Agent Scam – Someone tells you that it’s better to be a travel agent because it saves you a lot of money in the long run. As a travel agent, they say, you get a lot of discounts and free while you’re on vacation. The trick is that you have to pay them a “fee” to become an immediate travel agent, and when you become one, you realize that you can’t take advantage of the discounts because your credentials are not recognized by any travel authority.

Fraudulent Vacation Cards – You pay for a vacation card thinking it will make your vacation a little cheaper, but then you realize that the card has so many restrictions that you can’t get the discounts you’re entitled to. OR if you get a discount, it is simply deducted from the “special price” and again reduced to the same price that everyone else pays.

Protect yourself from these travel scams by following your gut instincts and being skeptical. Don’t be afraid to say no and assert yourself when these “agents” become persistent. Never give your credit card number on the phone in order to “reserve” your slot. If you are given a deadline, say you need to think about it; haste is usually a sign of deception. Before accepting the package, cover the distance – check the hotel, the airline, etc. – and make sure they work with this promotion at the prices the agent says they are. Buy tickets and packages only from real agencies and personally, if possible and remember, offers from phone calls or spam emails are more likely to be fraudulent.


7 great reasons to buy a vacation home in Hawaii

Have you considered buying a vacation home? If so, you may have thought of places to relax nearby where you could easily go for a long weekend or spend the whole summer. And while that’s not a bad idea, it’s a much better idea to buy a vacation home in Hawaii! You probably think this is not an option because it would cost too much money, Hawaii is too far away and other similar excuses. However, there are significant benefits to buying a vacation home in Hawaii that you should consider because Hawaii is probably your number one vacation home destination if there were no other considerations like money. Take a look at the following tips and you will most likely click on links to Hawaiian real estate to find your new vacation home!

Reason for Vacation Home №1 in Hawaii 1 Amazing Vacations

When you buy a vacation home in Hawaii, you will have amazing vacations every time you visit the island. In addition, there are many islands that make up Hawaii, so you can explore regularly and never have the same vacation twice. Not to mention that the sun shines almost all year round in Hawaii, so you won’t have to worry about the rain affecting your vacation. Every time you head to Hawaii, you will be sure to enjoy new experiences, meet new people and really enjoy the exotic islands.

Reason for Hawaiian Vacation Home №2 Extra Income

Buying a Hawaiian vacation home probably seems like the best way to spend money as quickly as possible, not the best way to earn extra income, but when you invest in a Hawaiian vacation home, you will really have the opportunity to make a significant income. . The reason for this is that you can just rent your vacation home when you are not using it. Hawaii is a year-round hot vacation spot for people from all over the world, so finding interested parties to rent your home won’t be difficult at all. In addition, people pay high prices for renting a Hawaiian vacation home for their vacation and you will benefit greatly from this. All you have to do is list your Hawaiian vacation home with various Hawaiian vacation rental sites and not only will you enjoy your Hawaiian vacation home, but you will be able to share it with other people.

Reason for Hawaii Vacation Home №3 Vacation for free

Not only will you be able to generate income from your Hawaii vacation rental, but the income you make will be more than enough to cover your monthly mortgage payment, as long as you are diligent in renting the apartment outside when it is not in use. from you. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your vacation home in Hawaii whenever you want basically for free, as the rental money will cover the basic costs of this purchase.

Reason for a Hawaiian vacation home №4 Four miles from the airport

You may have to worry about the price of airline tickets and have to buy one every time you want to go home to Hawaii. However, the more you travel, the more miles you get and you will be able to enjoy discounts and free tickets from time to time. This makes traveling to your vacation home easier and more affordable.

Reason for escape from holiday home №5 in Hawaii

When you have a vacation home in Hawaii, you have an escape from your normal life and daily activities that you have to deal with. Even if you had a vacation home nearby, you still won’t escape your real life due to the fact that it’s so close. In fact, many people who buy vacation homes near their permanent homes never get away with it because they don’t have to plan for it. With a vacation home in Hawaii you have to plan your vacation and then you will surely escape and enjoy all the wonders of the islands.

Reason for Vacation Home №6 in Hawaii Amazing Real Estate

When you are looking for holiday homes, you will most likely find homes with high prices that are really nothing special. However, in Hawaii you will find amazing pieces of real estate that reflect the asking prices. Not to mention that you can buy real estate right on the ocean, if your heart desires, or in other words more internally. Even though all the islands are surrounded by the beautiful Pacific Ocean, no matter where you buy your real estate in Hawaii, you will not be too far from the beach.

Reason for Hawaii Vacation Home №7 Sunsets

The sunsets themselves are reason enough to choose to buy a vacation home in Hawaii. Something about the setting of the Hawaiian sun makes you feel as if this is the only place on earth and is so beautiful that your worries, worries and stresses will all be forgotten during the majestic and colorful strip of sky as the sun is setting. .

While these are some amazing reasons why you should buy a vacation home in Hawaii, there are thousands of other reasons just waiting to be found on the islands. Go ahead and start browsing Hawaii’s property listings today and make an investment that will benefit you both financially and professionally!


View Expedia Discount Code: An Introduction to Online Travel Discounts and Vacation Deals

Are you working on your next route? One of the biggest names in online travel booking is Expedia. The company is a leader in travel destination deals, both domestic and global. All you have to write in your next big adventure is the Expedia discount code. Whatever type of trip you plan, whether it’s for business, leisure, adventure or family vacation, these special offers will help you find the most affordable deal possible.

Destination offers are constantly updated so that you have a variety of hotspots to choose from. Just look at the destination company’s recommendations and review the deals until you find a deal you like. If you are traveling for business, you may be entitled to a special corporate discount – more car rental agencies, airlines and hotels offer them than most people realize.

Another thing to look at is the Daily Offers to learn about the best travel deals for this 24-hour period. This section covers everything from holiday packages to hotel rooms. If you already have a planned destination, just be patient; the right deal will pop up eventually.

Take a close look at the Expedia discount code before using it to know exactly what it can and cannot be used for. Some can be used for almost anything, and some have limitations and cannot be used to “arrange” other transactions.

What else can an Expedia discount code be used for?

You will find discounts not only for airplane and hotel rooms, there is an opportunity to save on car rental, amusement park tickets, cruises, live shows, dining and more. Many holiday packages are categorized on a specific topic to help travelers narrow down their searches: romantic getaways, family vacations, luxury cruises, golf packages, ski trips, etc.

Don’t forget to check the offers at the last minute. If this plane has not yet departed, you may still be able to board it – for cheap. Sometimes airlines will significantly reduce the price at the last minute if there are still empty seats on the flight. Hotels are the same and often offer cheap last minute rates to ensure all rooms are filled.

You can also search for hotels and plane tickets on specific dates. You will be presented with all available prices from dozens of airlines and hotels / inns. Compare the offers and choose the one that looks like the best offer. Make sure you can use the Expedia discount code with it.

Expedia has thousands of partners around the world and works to deliver affordable and reliable offers for both business and leisure travelers. To save even more, you can make good use of the Expedia discount code offered by a good coupon site.


First ski vacation? Here are 5 things you need to know before you leave

Are you planning to plan your first ski vacation? Well, congratulations! You are in a great time, with proper preparation and planning. Many people stress in advance and worry on their own. Fortunately, cold weather travel can be just as relaxing and invigorating as these warm beach holidays. There are just a few tips you need to be aware of before you start your journey. Consider the following to get started today:

You don’t need as many facilities as you think.

Most people mistakenly believe that they should hurry and buy every available recommended snow item. As a result, they are loaded with expensive equipment, such as skis and snow suits and goggles. Although these are necessary items for the trip, you do not need to pack five suitcases worth things. Not only is it cumbersome to keep track of so many things, but it’s also quite expensive. If you are a first time skier, then consider renting for larger, more expensive items. Most ski resorts bring skis, snow suits, snowboards and any other equipment you may need. Renting is not always the best solution, but for a first grader it can be the smartest. This not only frees you from the extra cost of ownership, but allows you to feel some marks in case you find that you will continue in your pursuit.

You will not want to ski all the time.

Yes, it is true that you are headed for a ski vacation and you will want to ski. But snow sports expend a significant amount of energy and every muscle group in your body will be engaged. Definitely plan a day to relax while you travel. This does not necessarily require a visit to the spa, although if this sounds attractive, then be sure that most ski destinations offer such places. Tourism, historic towns, local festivals and wineries are also great things to keep in mind when choosing a location. Additional deviations will not take away from your ski trip – they will only improve your visit.

There are always online deals to be had.

Snow sports can be an expensive endeavor. Fortunately, many ski resorts offer discounts all year round. A great tip is to find a ski hut that includes a combination of rentals. In other words, some hotels offer standard hotel rooms, along with apartments, cabins and apartments for rent. With a condominium-style hotel, you should be able to choose a privately owned room. This allows for a change in prices. Just be sure to always do your online searches before making reservations.

The lessons are a worthy investment.

If this is your first time skiing, then be sure to invest in ski lessons. Although they can be expensive at the front end, they can save you a lot of time, trouble and heartache in the long run. Plus, ski vacations are always more enjoyable if you know how to actually ski.

Find out about ski safety.

Participating in cold weather activities can be such an exciting adventure, but there are some common sense tips you need to know. Make sure you do your research ahead of time to learn about mountain skiing safety. Buying ski lessons, as suggested above, can also be a great way to pick up some safety tips.


How to enjoy a vacation with extended family and friends

OhKay. I love my family. I do it. Still, going on a week-long vacation with my mother, brother, husband, daughters, sisters, nieces, nephews, extra extended family members and various friends, I can try for a sensitive person like me.

Aand that’s exactly what I did. Down the coast of Jersey. I had a blast!

Lthe most sensitive people, we long for time, peace, harmony and a lot of silence. Not that any of this was available during my vacation. Many times, however, I had to actively cultivate it for myself.

Mthe important thing is that it’s me allowed to do it myself, knowing that by respecting my need to take care of myself, I will be better able to enjoy family and friends.

Here are some tips to help make your gatherings more enjoyable:

Take time for yourselfThis is crucial. Get up early to walk alone. Continue on your own adventure. Let’s think. Read. Do some eavesdropping with EFT. Taking time for yourself will help you center, ground, and imagine. And … more able to enjoy the people around you.

Limit alcohol consumptionIf you drink, consider reducing what you normally drink on vacation. Alcohol can easily build up, leaving you feeling ugly and even depressed. Alcohol, of course, can also contribute to heated discussions and arguments. Instead, keep yourself hydrated with water and herbal drinks.

Disconnect from the drama. When heated discussions or arguments arise, step away from the drama. Unless it is essential to clarify an issue, there is no need to feed the drama. Expectations, and often emotions, run high during meetings with family and friends. Stepping back as a more neutral observer will help you keep your peace. And peace for the sensitive person is bliss.

Stretch out, communicating with your roommates, Record a conversation with someone you don’t normally talk to. Learn more about the people you are with. Participate in activities that you usually skip. Stretch and relive the experience! By constantly allowing yourself to stay, stretching in new ways will be much easier!

Bring reading materials– Easy readings work best in an environment full of distractions. Pamper yourself and read something that your senses really like. Good reading materials are key to enjoying yourself during your vacation and time.

Plan your meal in advance – Who will cook? Will you bring pre-prepared meals? How will costs, shopping and kitchen responsibilities be shared? Any special diets? Will you eat? Clarifying kitchen responsibilities will help you avoid a lot of confusion and dissatisfaction.

Plan activities in advance – If your vacation includes observation and / 0r activities outside the door, be sure to research and plan accordingly. Where possible, stay flexible and open to compromise. Consider consulting with a travel agent to help you customize your travel plans to suit the different members of your group.

Participate and contribute – Give your fair share in terms of costs and efforts, but do not be afraid to ask for help. Fulfill your role to keep things fair to yourself and others.

ENjoy! And don’t forget to take a lot of pictures.

In love and courage,



Ski vacation fun: Monoskiing

Want to try something new for your next ski vacation? Well, there is another type of ski that you can try and it will certainly taste your typical ski vacation trips – monoskiing.

This type of ski was invented in the 50s. The set of equipment used is almost the same as that used in conventional skis. Ski monoski using a single double wide ski, where he or she plants both feet on the board facing forward and skis using stylized ski poles.

For ordinary skiers who want to try monoski, it’s easy to pick up the whole dynamic, but it takes a while before they get used to it, especially when it comes to balance. Performing stunts and tricks, reaching high speeds, catching air and participating in traditional cross-country skiing are still possible with monographs.

This skiing is actually easier on the knees than conventional skis, so it is mostly liked in the sky with weak knees. In monosking, the weight is centered between the knees as they move with the axis of movement. Even those with a history of knee injury could still try monosking. This type of ski mainly requires a lot of effort on the upper body, balancing the work between the upper and lower body more evenly than with conventional skis.

The good news is that this type of skiing also takes care of the interests of skiers with disabilities, which allows them to feel the thrill of the slopes.

Empowerment of people with disabilities

For these people with disabilities, monosking opened its doors to hit the slopes and play sports. For paraplegic skiers, they use different types of skis designed for different types of abilities.

Monoski has a ski chair mounted on it that can only be operated with the upper body. This type of skis are designed for skiers with multiple leg amputations, spinal injuries that lead to lower body paralysis.

Another type of ski is called bi-ski, which is similar to monoski, but the seat is mounted on two skis. This is for those skiers whose legs are intact but have limited control due to multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or spinal cord injury, or brain injuries.

A four-way piste is another type of ski designed for those who do not have good lateral control and use two skis with outriggers. Another type is called a ski motorcycle, originally designed for the able-bodied, but is successfully used by amputated legs that are able to wear artificial limbs while skiing.

Monoskiing does not only serve the desire of skiers who would like to try something different during their ski vacation. But it also empowers people with disabilities and helps them succeed in the sport, despite their situation.